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So, how can you step into your power?

Body-Mind-Heart Intelligence

We as humans have a lot more components to our ultimate intelligence than just the mind. Let’s use it.

Integrated Transformation

The only constant is change. The less you resist the rhythm of life, the more you can ride its waves.

Full Ownership

Taking full ownership of your thoughts, feelings and actions is the key to an empowered meaningful life.

Women-Centered Leadership Coaching

What is it about?
This is a 12 weeks program for transformative disruption in your life, work and biz. It is specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of women. I consider this as my most potent offering.

Who is this for?
Female leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, coaches, high-performers and truth seekers who aim to create purpose-driven impact for themselves and the world.

How to get started?
This 1-on-1 work will start only after an in-depth application process and strategy call. Please only apply if you are ready to invest in yourself.

Lead with Unshakable Confidence

Master Doubts & Fears

Unleash Guiding Intuition

Align to your Female Cycle

Free Strategy Call

All of my coaching packages involve a significant commitment, energy and financial investment. This offering is reserved for those who are fully ready to let go of obsolete modalities of living and being, and are fully ready to embody their ultimate potential. If you are ALL IN, please apply here.

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Bring Transformation

To Your Workplace

The era of “business-as-usual” is coming to an end. We are entering into a phase of redefining what “work” is on a local to global arena in the 21st century. Take the lead in becoming a human-centric and innovative workplace that is consciously navigating the change.

Empowerment, Spirituality & Leadership

A new paradigm of Female Leadership focuses on the integration of the female life cycle, cultivation of unshakeable confidence and building empowerment. True understanding of female consciousness unleashes the true potential of women.

Master Doubt & Fear Masterclass

Mastering the individual mind is a “must-have” leadership skill for employees and business leaders of our time. Without mastering the present moment, there is no mastering of business and life. Learn how you can harness the power of your body and mind.

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Everything you seek, is already within. Dare to embody your most powerful beautiful Self.

Alisa EresinaCoach, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Speaker, Consultant, Podcaster

About Alisa Eresina

Hey, I am Alisa!

For a long period of my life, I was depressed. I couldn’t control my anger and felt numb. I felt I was not worthy of love, happiness and success. I felt, that was only available for special people and I was not one of them. I believed I was not enough.

Out of deep pain and desperation to find healing, I went on a journey….

I read tons of books on psychology, spirituality and philosophy. I learned from therapists, coaches, monks, NLP trainers, and spiritual gurus… I traveled to the Far East where I found meditation and mindfulness. And I opened up myself to the healing power of psychedelics. I explored Buddhist, tantric, yogic and shamanic teachings. This and the support of all my mentors and teachers on my path has helped me to open a new empowering realm of human nature.

Today, I am in a position where I can serve others from the depths of my heart.

I offer to hold a container for others to unleash their most powerful confident beautiful Self.

Some of my credentials: I am yoga and meditation teacher, coach, entrepreneur, facilitator, consultant, speaker and podcaster. I founded Femflow for women to harness the power of their female cycle to live a vibrant life they love.

I love working with individuals who are ready to embody the best version of themselves. And I love working with organizations who want the same for their leaders and employees.

My mission is to elevate human consciousness, so we all can rise together.


Media Appearances: Der Standard | Woman | Female Company

What I really appreciate about Alisa is that in our conversations she always gives me her undivided and honest attention and is able to perceive the things from my perspective, without judgement. She asks the right questions, making me self-reflect and guiding me to find the right path for me, instead of telling me what to do from above. When I needed help with concrete implementations she made me see a clear way to reach my goal. When I doubted myself and limited myself from doing what I wanted to do, she gave me so much strength and inspiration by showing me my potential, something I wasn´t able to see before. Now, after only 2 sessions with her, I am starting my business again with a whole new approach, full of energy, self-confidence and trust that I am on the right path.

Anna S.Therapeutic Yoga Instructor

I have experienced Alisa as a highly skilled Coach with great empathy and wisdom about personal life transformation. She walks the talk, speaks from the heart, and really knows how to nurture your own capacity for living a more fulfilled life.

Toni ChungInnovation Facilitator & Trainer

I went into a 3 month coaching engagement with Alisa to explore the all too familiar issues of identity and self-doubt and left with a much deeper level of understanding on self-care and personal growth. Alisa quickly moved past the symptoms and cut to the core while making sure we were on the same page. Her methods were practical, the inputs were high quality, sessions with her went deep and her overall process was highly collaborative. Wise beyond her years, she gave me the tools to really connect with myself and for that, I continue to be grateful months later! Honest self-work is challenging but I cannot think of a better person to hold your hand through it!

Vidya V.Sales Manager at Heinzel Sales

Without giving you advice, in an impartial way, Alisa asks just the right questions to encourage self-refection. From there, you are guided to think about your next actions, but what makes it immensely powerful, is that it all comes from within you, nothing is pushed or suggested, as she is there to guide you take your own steps. Whenever I would finish talking to Alisa, I would feel a sense of peace and equilibrium, while being ready for action in the same time.

Cristina S.Corporate Partnership Coordinator

The work with Alisa was a once-in-a-lifetime game changer for me! It had a profound impact on my way of doing business but also on the way I walk through my every day life. The relationship with my girlfriend is happier than ever before and my business flourishes.

Patrick WindManaging Director at AdsAccelerator.com

Sometimes we lose our focus and find ourselves doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different outcome. To overcome this state, it sometimes just needs some guidance to find your inner voice, to make changes and step forward to a meaningful life and break through you habits that hold you back. I have been struggling and not allowing myself to be brave enough to live a fulfilling life, trying to meet everyone's expectation except of mine. I am grateful that I found in Alisa the person who helped me to grow and to work on myself, she is an inspiration in so many ways and challenges me to become somebody I am proud of. She showed me how to refocus and therefore to overcome insecurities. I was able to reflect on my choices in a deeper way than I ever expected was possible, and make meaningful changes in my life.

Yana E.Film Producer

Alisa's retreat was the hardest, but also the most rewarding experience I've had in my life. In our busy daily lives, we tend to bury our emotions with distractions like Facebook, WhatsApp, Books, Alcohol, etc. We totally forget to clean up our emotional body by accepting ALL feelings. That's what you gotta do in the Solitude Retreat. Awesome team, awesome experience. 10/10 would do again.

Chris B. CEO at BeeAwesome

For me, attending Alisa´s program proved to be a game-changer. It completely changed the way I view my period: pre-, during and post-. Even though I have been developing a loving relationship to my body for some years now, I still had negative thoughts and feelings when it came to my menstruation. Since the program, I welcome my period each time because I have accepted it for the beautiful thing it is: piece of what makes me a woman. And the relationship with my body has grown deeper and more conscious.

Annie G.Professional Relationship Manager

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