Women Mastermind 19/20

Hey sister, welcome to the Women Mastermind!

You want to be truly fulfilled and happy with your life and career (who doesn’t, right?). You want a life that you are deeply inspired to live every single day. There is always an enlightening moment when you’ve decided that it’s time for a change. Enough of living a life that does not make you feel ALIVE.


But then the fear, doubt and resistance creep in silently.

Is this really what I want? Maybe it’s silly and impossible anyways…

Where do I start and what do I need to do?

Nobody believes in me…I can’t do this alone…

And what if I fail?


Well, I get it and I’ve been there too…

I’ve struggled to find what I really want for a very long time… Even when I achieved some of my goals I felt empty. I was confused whether I wanted them in the first place. I didn’t understand why I felt this way. And I was surrounded by a circle of people that were not motivated to do anything else than going to work and drinking at the weekends.

At some point in my life I had enough. I decided to do everything in my power to transform my life. I surrounded myself with people who held me accountable for my dreams and goals. And I encountered many tools that helped me to heal and re-design my way of living. Today, I am in a position not only to give back but also deeply committed to elevate humanity with everything what I do and create.


This is what this mastermind is for:

For you to step fully into your power and create an abundant life + purposeful career you love.


No more excuses. No more self-sabotage. No more empty new year’s resolutions.

✔ Develop a crystal-clear clarity on your vision & desires

✔ Set your priorities in life in alignment with what you truly want

✔ Implement concrete actions steps and practices that support your growth

✔ Design your own rituals and sacred space for more energy, sensuality and joy

✔ Own your dreams and rise through the power of sisterhood


What is it about?

This is a 4 months journey for ambitious women who are ready for a new way of living and being. In Dec 2019, we start with letting go of our past that holds us back, and jump fresh into the new year with infinite energy, clear vision and aligned actions.

During the program, we will dive together into how you can:

  • Overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Harness the power of your female cycle for personal, professional and spiritual growth
  • Tap into your unique superpowers and channel your medicine
  • Strengthen your intuition and (self-)leadership skills
  • Connect to your feminine essence and balance your masculine energies


Women Mastermind 19/20:

  • Weekly Online videos
  • Playbooks with immersive reflections and monthly planning templates
  • Guided Meditations, Visualizations Techniques and Embodiment practices
  • 2 90-minute monthly group calls for 4 months (December – March) interactive and Q&A style (all recorded for replay)
  • Bonus exercises and rituals between sessions to support your journey
  • Sisterhood community and support between calls via Facebook Group
  • Optional women retreat in Spring 2020


Dates: December 2019 – March 2020

Time: TBA. (all recorded)

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