Your menstrual cycle is a powerful tool to thrive in your life, relationships and career.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

And no: your period is NOT what is holding you back from a thriving life and career. Only the lack of awareness and understanding of how to work with it consciously.

Think of your cycle as a Natural Built-In Coaching System.

Each cycle provides you messages your body gives you to understand specific lessons you need to grow. All a woman has to do is to connect with that potential.

Female Cycle 101

Women are cyclic beings. If you have a female body, life is based around your female cycle – whether you realize it or not, whether you pay attention to it or not.

The menstrual cycle is a cycle within a cycle. The bigger cycle is the woman’s life cycle.These are her life seasons if you will. We can look at the menstrual cycle (or the bigger life cycle of a woman) just like at the Earth’s seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

If you want to harness the power of your female intelligence, you need to start paying attention to the 4 phases and what they offer you.

There are certain time frames that are in favor for different decisions and choices.


Why is that? Throughout the monthly cycle a woman experiences various changes on a hormonal and physical level. These changes draw different cognitive and emotional landscapes.

Every woman has her own individual blueprint. If she starts observing her 4 phases and understand the language of her body-mind, she can flow effortlessly with her cyclic nature and rock her life, career and relationships. Some patterns are commonly observed among women. You can use them as your starting guide and then explore what is right for you:

🌷 Pre-ovulation Phase (starting from last days of your menstrual phase)

  • Body: focused energy, estrogen is rising
  • Emotional: sense of certainty, decisiveness, rising energy, feeling of purpose
  • Mental: focused mind, sense of directed clarity, analytical thinking
  • What is this time good for? For linear, analytical and visionary decisions e.g. research, analysis, groundwork, planning, goal setting, vision building, preparation for feedback, starting projects, learning new skills

☀️ Ovulation Phase

  • Body: energetic, expressive, estrogen peaks
  • Emotional: courageous, outgoing and a large emotional capacity for yourself and others
  • Mental: mind often makes space for body’s needs, sharp in focus and language
  • What is this time good for? For strong verbal communication and it’s the time for courage-based decisions e.g. negotiation, team leadership, feedback, presentations, pitching ideas

🍁 Pre-menstrual Phase

  • Body: different physical changes, preparation for restorative phase, progesterone rising, uterine lining is building up
  • Emotional: open, receptive and vulnerable, reveals unconscious emotions and fears
  • Mental: calm mind, reflective, creative expression
  • What is this time good for? For innovative and problem-solving decisions e.g. creative solutions, brainstroming, re-evaluation, boundary work, letting go of unconscious mental and emotional baggage

❄️ Menstrual Phase

  • Body: energy loss during this phase (especially if the previous phase has been lived unconsciously), body needs support and nurture, uterine lining is shedding, estrogen slowly starts to rise again
  • Emotional: stronger intuition, relaxed, negative thoughts and emotions that didn’t have the full attention can be amplified during this phase (on a physical or emotional level)
  • Mental: restorative, resting-state, access to sub-consciousness, greater awareness of our inner knowing
  • What is this time good for? For personal insights that require intuitive intelligence and reflection e.g. check-in with yourself, priority setting, reviewing, outlining future directions, planting seeds in the sub-conscious mind

‼️One important note: your strength and power doesn’t come from one specific phase. The summer is not better than the autumn. Just re-call some hot summer days were you were craving for more coolness…

The power of the female cycle is found in the flow of changing phases.

Where to start?


  1. ✅ Chart your cycle and track your period. This will not only give you a good insight into your female health and fertility, but helps you to understand where you are in your cycle.
  2. ✅ Playful self-discovery. Track your changes on a physical, mental and emotional level through e.g. journaling. Also, get to know the impact of your contraceptive method and other influences on your cycle. Listen to your body’s needs and desires. Understand your optimum for each phase and create your own individual recipe.
  3. ✅ Plan your time and schedule appointments accordingly. While this might not always be possible, some decisions can be planned thoughtfully. And this could make a tremendous difference in e.g. negotiating your salary or receiving funding for your start-up.
  4. ✅ Give your yourself the permission to rest and reflect during your menstrual phase. This is crucial. If you don’t do this, you are not giving your body the needed time to cleanse, re-center and get energized for your next new cycle. Taking with you the unneeded emotional and mental baggage to the next cycle, and the next cycle… We often think that the menstrual phase is the most useless time of the month. But this is far from the truth. If you learn to consciously work with your period, you can access deep knowledge, receive ground-breaking revelations and activate your inner coach for better guidance.


Love, Alisa

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Love, Alisa

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